South America offers rugged mountains, white-sand beaches, slow-moving jungle rivers and electric-blue glaciers - and we haven't even gotten to the cities yet. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil's capital city wedged between blue ocean and mountain peaks. Buenos Aires, the historic and stylish capital of Argentina. Santiago, Chile's great city set against the Andes Mountains. Cartagena, the colorful walled city of Colombia.

If it's too hard to choose just one South American destination, we understand. That's why you'll find multi-city and multi-country tours roving all over this amazing and diverse continent. Combine the wine country of Argentina with the stunning mountains of Santiago, Chile, then sail to Easter Island. Or go beyond the southern tip and sail all the way to the icy splendor of Antarctica.

Weather Information: Buenos Aires

  • Hottest Month
    January (83°F avg)
  • Coldest Month
    July (57°F avg)
  • Wettest Month
    February (4.7 inches avg)
  • Windiest Month
    September (6.2 mph avg)

Must See & Do

  • Corcovado Mountain's spectacular overlook of Rio de Janeiro
  • The broad avenues and Parisian style of Buenos Aires
  • Soaring granite mountains and glacial lakes in Chile's Torres del Paine
  • Cartagena's colorful old city, a treasure on the Caribbean Sea