Online Reservations

Plan your cheap vacations with online reservations

Use our online reservations facility to book your tickets, rooms or car rentalsWith the advent of the internet revolution, making your travel plans or choosing your preferred travel packages has become ever so easy. With Virgin Vacations’ state-of-the-art online reservations facility, you can find an incredible selection of vacation packages, holiday destinations, and flight options in one place.

Book your tickets, rooms, or car rentals with easy to navigate online reservations. You can book any of the vacation packages that we offer or can choose your own vacation package and reserve it online. Right from the flight booking to the booking for river cruises; everything is now possible with our easy to navigate online reservation/booking systems.

Online Registration

All online reservations and search systems, which are conveniently available on our site, have been designed with the latest technologies to provide our customers with the best user experience, while using our service to purchase the best in vacation and travel packages.

We understand the importance of customer service; it is at the very core of what we do. And our online registration systems have been designed along the same lines.

You will find that the online booking systems that we have on our site are so exhaustive that you cannot possibly find anything has been left out; the forms have been designed with exact planning for meaningful communications with our customers.

Choose your own vacation package

Even when you are planning your own vacation packages, honeymoon trips, and sightseeing options, our online reservation/booking system is on the watch so that you don’t forget anything. Each and every detail regarding travel has been incorporated to give you the best travel package.

The itineraries that you can plan with these online reservations are not restrictive—in fact, they’re highly flexible, with wide choices.

Planning and booking your own vacation will serve as a great experience! If, in the end, you’re surprised to see that you have planned your entire holiday in such a short period of time, without the need to search anywhere else, then our online reservations system has done its job. The overall experience with our online reservations is more than satisfying.


Virgin Vacations helps you travel right by making the whole process of researching and booking for travel easier through its online reservation systems. Registration isn't required until you make a reservation or purchase, but it offers you a more personalized experience on our site as soon as you start shopping for travel.

Beyond giving you access to flight, hotel, and car rental information, our personalised service and customer support has much more to offer.

Check your booking

After you have reviewed your itineraries and have done online booking, you can check your reservations.

Booking Over The Phone

You can also do all your booking over phone by calling our live agent at 1-888-937-8474. Our Travel Agent Hotline is 1-888-658-4744 (Monday to Friday). However, online booking is going to save you money.

And those of you who are interested in cheap vacations can plan their own holidays instead of selecting the ready-made travel packages or sightseeing options. With the availability of online reservations for almost everything, it is so easy. This means lots of savings and a rather delightful experience for you! What you save may even help you to expand your itinerary.

Virgin Vacations provides special concessions for students and groups; you can avail yourself of these concessions and also save money through online reservations.

Virgin Vacations takes care to protect all your transactions by Secure Socket Layer encryption technology and Private Communication Technology, the security standards supported by Micro soft Internet Explorer and other popular browsers.

If you’re skeptical about giving your credit card information over Internet, you can call us to store it on file, and then you don’t need to give the details over the Internet.

Choose your own vacation and start booking today!