Europe Vacation Package

Europe Destinations

  The UK & Ireland
Has London caught your fancy in a manner that leaves you sleepless? Been fantasizing about exploring Dublin? Been dreaming of Scotland? We understand, and accommodate! United Kingdom here we come! No matter your nocturnal wandering, we are here to make your dreams come true!
Aimez-vous Paris? Then you're in luck, it is certainly a popular destination! Nice is well ..., fantastic! We have the vacation packages to both these destinations that you've been looking for, plus a few maybe you haven't thought of. Come take a look at the incredible vacation destination that is France!

  Italy & Sicily
No matter what you come to Italy & Sicily for, you're sure to find it,and No matter what vacation package you choose, you're sure to enjoy it! Virgin Vacations has the vacation package that lets you see Italy the way you want to see it. From Tuscany & the Amalfi Coast to Florence and Venice the vacation of a life time is waiting for you!

  Central Europe
For the exotic yet affordable, Central Europe is the place to be! Whether you find the time to take one of our exclusive escorted tours or build your own vacation, this region has amazing sights and experiences that even the most seasoned traveler will be in awe from. From Germany to Hungary, the Czech Republic to Romania, and so many more unexplored locations in between, see what the world has been missing!

  Belgium & Holland
Explore Amsterdam from The Royal Palace to the canals that have nick-named it "the Venice of the north". You'd heard stories of Amsterdam, next time tell some of your own! An astounding destination for those seeking beauty, with sight-seeing that includes Louise Square, the Palace of Justice, Royal Square, the Royal Palace, the Triumphal Arch, ornate museum facades, and characteristic Art Nouveau houses, Brussels can't be beat!

From the beautiful beaches to the incredible history, no other destination offers so much. Incredible architecture spanning centuries and a culture that has influenced so many others all waiting for you to discover and experience it. Greece is truely a dream vacation destination, available to you from Virgin Vacations.

  Spain & Portugal
The first time or the hundredth time Spain and Portugal are simply amazing! Visit Madrid, experience Barcelona, see the sights of Valencia and Iberia! Virgin Vacations brings you Spain and Portugal in ways that make vacationing the pleasure it was intended to be!

  Scandinavia & Iceland
Experience destinations like Stockholm, Copenhagen, Oslo and Lillehammer, from the slopes to the fjords Scandinavia & Iceland are vacation destinations that offer a refreshing alternative to the same ole, same ole. Make this vacation one you'll talk about with pleasure!

Look at the picture to the left. You won't see that on a stay-cation. Turkey is a Vacation Destination that will allow amatuer photographers take pictures to take pictures people gasp at. Istanbul offers sights that simply can't be seen anywhere else. East meets west right here. Turkey brings the best of both worlds together in a vacation destination that can't be beat.