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  The UK & Ireland
The gateway to Europe, the United Kingdom and Ireland stand on their own as perfect Europe vacation destinations. No wonder they remain our most popular vacation packages, year after year! Come and explore London, where history comes alive all around you. Visit the English countryside for postcard-perfect locales like the Cotswolds and Cornwall. Or rove up to Scotland and explore the royal city of Edinburgh, the craggy Highlands, and even the Isle of Skye. Discover Dublin and the rest of Ireland's charms, from seaside villages to sensational castles. It's all waiting for you in the UK and Ireland!
Start with Paris, then find you'll want to keep going: the charms of France are endless. From the seaside glitz of Nice and the Cote d'Azur, to the stately castles of the Loire Valley, France delivers beauty, culture and storybook charm. And of course, you'll want to allow plenty of time to explore the capital. When you’re looking for a city vacation that hits all the targets -- amazing dining, world-renowned culture, spectacular architecture – you’ll land squarely on the City of Lights.

  Italy & Sicily
Italy and Sicily: that fabled land of sun-mellowed yellow stone and a culture devoted to living life to the fullest. In Italy, you can discover the world's most significant collections of Western art, from the ruins of ancient Rome to the Renaissance glory of Florence. Glide through Venice in a gondola, gazing up at palaces decorated with lacey stonework and ornate sculptures. Dine on farm-fresh and local dishes al fresco in a medieval town somewhere in Tuscany. And wander Greek ruins and ancient villages in Sicily. With escorted tours and independent vacation packages, you can discover the best of Italy and Sicily... just know, you'll be back for more.

  Central Europe
Find fairy-tale Europe in this region, which includes Germany, Austria, Hungary, Croatia, Slovenia and more. Affordable and utterly charming, Central Europe is growing in popularity, but you can still find unspoiled countryside, quiet villages, tranquil mountain vistas, and island harbors where sailboats seem to float on crystal-clear waters. And with grand cities like Prague, Budapest, Vienna and Dubrovnik to explore, you'll find bohemian culture, imperial palaces and priceless art waiting to be discovered.

  Belgium & Holland
Within easy reach of London and Paris, yet with their own distinct culture, the countries of Belgium and the Netherlands include must-see destinations like Bruges and Amsterdam. The countryside of Holland includes rainbow-colored tulip fields, slow-turning windmills and traditional villages where clogs are still the footwear of choice. In Belgium, great Baroque architecture lines the city squares in Bruges and Brussels, but they're also home to medieval Old Quarters and Renaissance art. For an independent vacation in Europe, consider pairing Amsterdam with Bruges, Paris or London (or all four!) for one fantastic vacation. Or visit the region on an escorted tour, so you're sure not to miss a thing.

From the beautiful beaches to the incredible history, no other destination offers so much in such a compact space. The Greek Islands are the perfect summer cruise destination, with whitewashed villages accented in Ionian-Sea-blue, and old-fashioned windmills still turning in the hills. For a trip through the heart of Greek mythology, visit Athens, Olympia, Delphi and other legendary cities on your own or with an escorted tour, complete with a guide to help you take in the unbelievably ancient world around you. And don't forget the mystical splendor of Meteora, where monasteries cling to the tops of incredibly sheer cliffs.

  Spain & Portugal
Old World elegance meets Modernist sensibilities in Spain and Portugal. The diversity, vibrant culture and incredible history of the Iberian Peninsula will astound you. Whether you're exploring Roman ruins, Moorish castles and whitewashed villages in Andalucia, relaxing on the Mediterranean beach in Costa del Sol, tasting amazing flavors in Lisbon's classic restaurants or discovering the charms of late-night flamenco and tapas in Madrid and Barcelona, there are endless ways to enjoy Spain and Portugal. You'd better get started now!

  Scandinavia & Iceland
Chase the aurora, soak in hot springs, sail through fjords: Scandinavia is a region of incredible natural beauty. With increasingly popular cities like Reykjavik, the world is beginning to realize Iceland and Scandinavia are must-see destinations. Discover classic culture in Norway, Sweden and Denmark with an escorted tour, including land and sea options. You can even sail past the Arctic Circle, or add Russia to your vacation. From stave churches and fjords, to the charming cities of Copenhagen and Stockholm, you'll find a different kind of Europe in Scandinavia.

Find a beautiful country where East meets West in Turkey. With unbelievable diversity, landscapes unlike any other on earth, and incredibly ancient history, Turkey makes for a vacation out of the ordinary. With legendary landmarks like the Blue Mosque and the cave cities of Cappadocia, Silk Road villages and Roman cities, you'll be astonished by everything Turkey has to offer. See it all with an escorted tour, including guides and a professional tour manager ready to show you the best of Turkey.