Cruise Vacation Packages

Cruise Vacation Packages


The UK & Ireland
Has London caught your fancy in a manner that leaves you sleepless? Been fantasizing about exploring Dublin? Been dreaming of Scotland? We understand, and accommodate! United Kingdom here we come! No matter your nocturnal wandering, we are here to make your dreams come true!
Italy & Sicily
No matter what you come to Italy & Sicily for, you're sure to find it,and No matter what vacation package you choose, you're sure to enjoy it! Virgin Vacations has the vacation package that lets you see Italy the way you want to see it. From Tuscany & the Amalfi Coast to Florence and Venice the vacation of a life time is waiting for you!

Central Europe
Virgin vacations offers escorted tours with once in a lifetime destinations and Adriatic Cruises that are sure to amaze and delight you as well as independent vacations to destinations like: Budapest, thermal springs, spas, art and culture. Wow. Better bring a camera, the people at work are going to want to see this.

From the beautiful beaches to the incredible history, no other destination offers so much. Incredible architecture spanning centuries and a culture that has influenced so many others all waiting for you to discover and experience it. Greece is truely a dream vacation destination, available to you from Virgin Vacations.

Spain & Portugal
The first time or the hundredth time Spain and Portugal are simply amazing! Visit Madrid, experience Barcelona, see the sights of Valencia and Iberia! Virgin Vacations brings you Spain and Portugal in ways that make vacationing the pleasure it was intended to be!

Scandinavia & Iceland
Experience destinations like Stockholm, Copenhagen, Oslo and Lillehammer, from the slopes to the fjords Scandinavia & Iceland are vacation destinations that offer a refreshing alternative to the same ole, same ole. Make this vacation one you'll talk about with pleasure!

Look at the picture to the left. You won't see that on a stay-cation. Turkey is a Vacation Destination that will allow amatuer photographers take pictures to take pictures people gasp at. Istanbul offers sights that simply can't be seen anywhere else. East meets west right here. Turkey brings the best of both worlds together in a vacation destination that can't be beat.


Egypt. Land of the Pharaohs, the pyramids, the great Sphinx. The birth place of civilization. If you long to experience the history, the legends, and the grandeur you're in the right place, right here.
Looking for something new and different? Luxurious and accesible at the same time? The vacation package you're looking for is here. Sunshine, shopping, seaside, sports and safety - the five "S"s that have earned Dubai it's ever growing reputation as one of the world's most attractive leisure destinations.

Australia & New Zealand

New Zealand & Australia
From kangaroos to koalas, from the Sydney opera house to the beautiful beaches of New Zealand, Virgin Vacations brings you the vacation of your dreams.

Central America

Costa Rica, Guatemala & Panama
Virgin Vacations brings you to where passion and beauty are ingrained into the very landscape with tours of Costa Rica, Guatemala and Panama. Choose any of our Escorted tours to enjoy the luxurious, relaxed feel of these truly incredible tours.

Southeast Asia

Thailand & Vietnam
Escorted tours with a professional English-speaking tour manager to Thailand and Vietnam featuring destinations such as Phnom Penh, Siem Reap, Ho Chi Minh, Hoi An, Hue, Halong Bay, Hanoi, Bangkok, Siem Reap, and Phnom Penh as well as Cruises featuring Bangkok & Singapore are sure to make your Southeast Asia vacation one that is remembered for years to come.

Other Cruises

Sea Cruises
Take a Sea Cruise with Virgin Vacations. We offer vacation packages to suit your time and budget. Tour the Mediterranean, Caribbean, Northern Europe, Central & South America, Asia or the South Pacific. Our full range of sea cruise vacation packages can be found here.
River Cruises
For a truly one of a kind experience enjoy a cruise along the Danube, Rhine, or Main river. Visit multiple European cities, relax in the way only a cruise allows and see the European country side in the manner in which most people have only dreamed about.