Mediterranean Destinations

Amazing Mediterranean Destinations

From the beautiful beaches to the incredible history, no other destination offers so much. Incredible architecture spanning centuries and a culture that has influenced so many others all waiting for you to discover and experience it. Greece is truely a dream vacation destination, available to you from Virgin Vacations.
Look at the picture to the left. You won't see that on a stay-cation. Turkey is a Vacation Destination that will allow amatuer photographers to take pictures that people gasp at. Istanbul offers sights that simply can't be seen anywhere else. East meets west right here. Turkey brings the best of both worlds together in a vacation destination that can't be beat.

Nothing says "Vacation of a lifetime" like Israel. So much history, beauty and culture all to be experienced by you. Bring a camera, your sense of adventure and a willingness to enjoy!

Do your taste run towards the exotic? The name Morocco gives forth the exciting flavor of mystery just saying it aloud. Casablanca awaits to be discovered by you, but why stop there? Rabat, Fez and Marrakesh all contain treasures to be delighted in, all waiting for your camera.

Looking for something new and different? Luxurious and accesible at the same time? The vacation package you're looking for is here. Sunshine, shopping, seaside, sports and safety - the five "S"s that have earned Dubai it's ever growing reputation as one of the world's most attractive leisure destinations.

If you look over Jordan, What would you see? A unique, incredible Vacation just waiting for you. Moderate year round climate; a base of amazing cultural attractions, and early Islamic Desert Castles. All waiting for your camera and you.

If you're looking for the beaches of Sousse, the traditions and culture Tozeur, the mystery of Tunis, the incredible history of Sbeitla, Djerba's welcoming nature and interesting architecture and the beauty of Hammamet. This is where you find it. With Virgin Vacations!