Tours of Italy, steeped in history, art and culture

Tours of Italy, steeped in history, art and culture

Your tours of Italy can include biking tours or escorted tours through stunning landscapesWhen you talk of tours of Italy, the first image that comes to mind is a journey through a country that boasts one of the most ancient and dynamic civilizations, with a magnificently rich heritage of arts and culture. An Italian tour is a journey through a land of wines and warm, hospitable people, sunny beaches, colorful folklore festivals, romantic landscapes, palatial buildings and commanding ruins. Feel the passion of this historic country with our Italian vacation packages.

The pleasures of la dolce vita: great cuisine, delectable wines and exquisite haute couture beckon you on your Italy tour. Try our escorted tours of Italy to discover this land steeped in history that has been neatly documented for three thousand years. As you start on your tours of Italy, you are left wonderstruck by the beauty of the land and its abundance of history, culture and cuisine.

Our customized Italy tour packages are designed for acquainting you with the wonderful sights of this country. There is so much for everyone to see, whether they are history aficionados, sports lovers, fashion and food connoisseurs, or purely those bitten by wanderlust. One thing is for sure – your Italy tour will never be short of excitement!

Your tours of Italy can include stunning landscapes, or great escorted tours to Tuscany & Rome, or tours to Florence and Venice, which are steeped in history, art and culture.

The magnificent Roman ruins, which you will visit during your Italy tour, remain as vestiges of the great Roman empire, which ruled as one of the largest empires the world had ever seen. The first Roman Republic was founded in 509 BC, establishing dogmatic precedents of democracy, the spread of the Latin language, and a cultural heritage that has withstood the test of time.

Your tours of Italy will, of course, bring you in close touch with the remnants of that magnificent empire as well as Italy’s great contributions all through the ancient, medieval, and modern period. It’s like stepping back in time, reliving the great times that have gone past and left behind splendid treasures.

Discover the world’s greatest art treasures, the exalted Renaissance art, the towering splendor of the Vatican, the grand Coliseum in Rome; loll gently on your gondola as it glides through the canals of Venice or play around on the sunny beaches that bind the 5,310 miles of shoreline bordering Italy and its islands. Virgin Vacations offers the choicest Italy vacation packages that ensure you a dream vacation.

During your tours in Italy, don’t forget to notice the immense variety of customs and food that Italy offers as the country developed as a collection of independent city-states, represented in the vibrant and lively folklore festivals that take place in all of Italy's regions throughout the year. Tour Italy from the resplendent landscapes of Amalfi to the 2,500 year-old history of Milan. Mix and match our various Italy tour packages to get your preferred vacation. Travel Italy with exciting biking tours. It’s all happening at Virgin Vacations!

A tour of Italy does not mean only the most visited Rome, Venice, and Milan. You can go off the beaten track and walk through the five magnificent villages of the Cinque Terre, nestling in the tremendously rocky countryside that borders coastal Liguria in the northwest of the country. Walk between the skies and the sea on panoramic footpaths and quiet mule tracks along the spectacular Ligurian coast.

There is much more to discover in Italy. Virgin Vacations has just the kind of dream vacation packages tailor-made for you to enjoy every moment of your Italy tour.

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