Romantic Rome vacations

Romantic Rome vacations

Virgin Vacations offers a large number of Rome vacation packagesRome - the Eternal City! Magnificent, glorious, historic, romantic! Talk of a Rome vacation and romance comes to mind. To go on an Italian vacation and not to visit Rome is, in effect, seeing Italy without its heart. It is difficult to describe Rome in words – its awesome architectural marvels are evident in the lofty Vatican, the massive Coliseum, the timeless Roman Forum, imperial temples, Renaissance palaces and baroque basilicas, and its medieval bell towers. The Etruscan tombs, Republican meeting rooms, and early Christian churches stand as testimony of the turbulent history to which Rome has been witness.

Not surprisingly, our Rome vacation packages make sure that you get to explore all the wonderful delights this magical and unforgettable city offers - the Piazza Navona, the Pantheon, Circus Maximus, Trevi Fountain and the Spanish Steps. Hence, for a Rome vacation, we have not one, not two, but a large number of packages, each customized for maximum enjoyment.

Viva La Dolce Vita!

For instance, our Rome Special vacation lets you live every moment of la dolce vita in the Eternal City. Enjoy Christmas and the New Year Italian-style with the Rome Christmas Special or Rome New Year’s Special vacation packages. If you are looking for cheap vacation packages, we have just the kind of Rome vacation packages you are looking for. Go for our Rome Stopover, Rome Escape, Express Rome, or Rome Getaway -- truly great vacations at hard to resist prices!

Rome combo vacations

It’s a mind-boggling variety we have for you! You can even combine a Rome vacation with other great Italian cities such as Milan, Venice and Florence. We have a variety of Italian vacation packages where you can combine two or three great Roman cities together. You can go for Rome & Florence or Rome & Venice or Florence & Venice vacation.

Each of these places has their own vast historical, cultural, and artistic heritage. You can choose from the wide variety of ‘stay’ or ‘getaway’ packages – Milan, the city that, despite repeated invasions, has retained its 2,500 year-old antiquity; Florence, the heart of the Renaissance and home to poet Dante Alighieri and artists da Vinci and Michelangelo; and Venice, the city of the maze of beautiful waterways. You are unlikely to find better value for money than these cheap vacation packages!

Marvel at such treasures as da Vinci’s Last Supper and works by Mantegna, Raphael, and Titian at Milan’s city museum, walk the shop-lined Ponte Vecchio, the distinctive Duomo and the priceless Uffizi Gallery in Florence and laze on the gondola as it glides gently along past the archaic Venice buildings.

But to enjoy Venice in its true spirit, we would recommend the La Dolce Vita - Venetian Lagoon Cruise where you explore Venice and its neighboring islands in an exciting six night cruise.

Historic Capitals

And if you want to see two of the most talked-about capitals of Europe at one go, we let you get a superb combo tour of the Historic Capitals – Rome, London, and Paris together by Eurostar and rail.

Just as beautiful as the Roman cities is the Italian countryside. We have a choice of exciting biking Italy tour packages that make your Italian vacations an unique experience in itself. A number of Italy vacation packages, for instance, are in Tuscany alone.

Virgin Vacations also has designed custom-made Italy vacation packages that help you explore the country at your own pace. We have chosen the most remarkable sceneries, lovely hilltowns, great resorts, lush vineyards and beautiful countryside for your great walking tours.

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