Romantic Rome Vacations

Planning a Romantic Rome Vacation

Rome: the Eternal City! We can barely keep up with all the gushing verbs used to describe Italy’s ancient capital. Magnificent. Glorious. Historic. Romantic.

But is Rome romantic? With all those ruins and cathedrals and cafes and gardens? Oh, it's definitely romantic. When you visit Rome, you’re seeing the heart of Italy. And between all those historic landmarks and masterpiece artworks you just have to see, you’re going to find plenty of sun-drenched city squares with Olde Worlde charm just dripping from the mellow old buildings surrounding them, and you’ll discover how Rome just defines the word “romantic” once and for all.

What should you see in Rome? Everything! But that would take a few trips, so let’s just list a few must-see Rome attractions. They’re easy to discover on your Rome vacation.
  • Vatican City, with its extraordinary public spaces and grand art collections - some of the finest in the world!
  • The Colosseum, that age-old symbol of Rome where the citizens once roared for gladiators, battle reenactments and dramatic performances. It’s the most visited attraction in Rome - are you going to miss it?
  • The Roman Forum, the remnants of ancient Rome’s center city, with a cluster of ruined temples, arches, and government buildings form a fascinating link to the city’s past.
  • The Pantheon, a perfectly proportioned temple-turned-church which has been standing in Rome since 120 AD. Inside you can marvel at its striking dome, the ornate artwork, and the final resting place of Renaissance master Raphael (and some Italian kings, too).
  • St. Peter’s Basilica, Vatican City’s magnificent church, homefield the Roman Catholic Church, and featuring a 323-step staircase to the top of its dome. Or you can take the elevator.

But you were looking for a little romance, too. Romantic Rome exists in those little moments you grab in between thrilling monuments, true. You can also find it in some of Rome’s best-loved landmarks and neighborhoods. Stop at the Trevi Fountain by night, and the illuminated waterfalls, cascading from the feet of Neptune and his aquatic court, provide the perfect backdrop for a kiss, a romantic declaration, or just a really cute selfie. Climb the Spanish Steps and try to harness some of that inspiration that fueled romantic poet Byron back in the 1800s. (If you feel like you’re lacking a little Byronic fire, try buying something really nice from the flagship designer stores in the historic neighborhood around the iconic staircase.) Wander the lamplit square in Trastavere at dusk before settling in for dinner at one of the neighborhood’s authentic, non-tourist-trap, restaurants.

Of course, that’s just the tip of the big marble iceberg when we’re talking about Rome’s incredible landmarks, attractions and must-see sites. Remember these names when you’re planning your Rome vacation: the Piazza Navona, Circus Maximus, Gianicolo Hill, Campo de’Fiore, the Galleria Borghese -- vast public squares, incredible city overlooks, and gorgeous gardens are just the beginning. Maybe Rome was named the Eternal City because it would take an absolute eternity to see everything there worth seeing?

If you’re going to visit Rome on your own, make a city break you’ll never forget with the right hotel and a tour or three to give you better insight into the places you’ll be experiencing. A Virgin Vacations Rome vacation offers several tour options, from a few hours to a full day, depending on the length of your trip. Bundle them right into your vacation package for a seamless trip at incredible value. Even if you're on a budget, you can plan an unforgettable Rome vacation.

But if you’re going to Rome and you’re saying, “Why stop there?” believe us, we’re with you. There’s so much to experience in Italy, and so we make it easy to combine a Rome vacation with some of Italy’s other fantastic cities. Add rail transfers right into your vacation package and you can say arrivederci to Rome, then ciao to Florence or Venice.

Imagine walking through the great museums and cathedrals of Florence or Milan, gazing at some of the world’s most famous art -- works by da Vinci, Raphael, Michelangelo and more. Peer up at the lacey stonework on the balconies of Venice from your own private gondola. It’s the classic Italy vacation… are you going to miss that?

Or we have one more idea for your Romantic Rome vacation -- or rather several more ideas -- Paris. Barcelona. London. These are a few of the cities you can combine into one fabulous vacation with connecting rail and flights. Talk about making a big romantic gesture.

So get ready to live out your own la dolce vita in Rome -- and wherever else you choose. It’s your vacation. We’re just making it possible for you.

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