Spend your Italy vacations with walking tours

Spend your Italy vacations with walking tours

A walking tour of the Amalfi Coast is a memorable  experience of Italian vacationsItaly, as they say, is a nation of popes, painters, polenta, poets, and potentates. If you really want to know Il Belpaese, the Beautiful Country, as Italians like to call their country, explore Italy with walking tours during your Italy vacation.

Virgin Vacations has designed custom-made Italy vacation packages that help you explore the country at your own pace. We have chosen the most remarkable sceneries, lovely hilltop towns, great resorts, lush vineyards and beautiful countryside for your walking tours so that walking on your Italy vacation becomes a pleasant exploration rather than an exercise.

Try a walking tour during your stay on the beautiful Amalfi Coast, strolling along the narrow, serpentine paths twisting their way along the seaside cliffs. An Italy vacation on the sunny golden coastline is simply heavenly.


The best way to explore Italy’s quaint medieval hilltowns is to simply walk through them. Stay in Tuscany and you can walk through the gentle landscape of low-lying hills, along graceful curves blanketed with olive groves, vineyards and cypress trees.

But if you're more a city-type and prefer to spend your Italian vacation in Rome or Milan, we have city breaks for you! You can even take a rail trip through Italy, stopping in Venice, Florence and Rome.

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