France Vacations with Walking Tours

France Vacations with Walking Tours

Spend your France vacations with exciting tours.

Virgin Vacation offers you many exciting France vacation packages and a wide range of travel servicesFrance, the number one travel destination worldwide, offers all the diversity, culture, and experiences you seek. Virgin Vacation offers you many exciting France vacation packages and a wide range of travel services. There is much more to France than just Paris sightseeing there's a beautiful, lush and romantic countryside welcoming all tourists warmly.

For those who wish to discover the French culture and its varied lifestyles, walking tours offered by us provide the perfect opportunities to do so.

Virgin Vacation has special and well-planned vacation packages like biking and walking tours for adventure seekers, with facilities like luggage transfer and daily breakfast. You end the night at hotels and spend the day on your own, on self-guided tours. Our walking or biking tours take you to nearby historic towns, villages, and valleys to get the real feel and discover new places which are not swarmed by tourists coming to see them in tourist buses.

France vacations at the stunning Dordogne region

Take, for example, the Walking Dordogne Region: a stunning area scattered with dramatically-situated castles, fortresses and cliff hugging villages—an idyllic place to spend your France vacation.

Also known as Perigord, this beautiful area is situated in a densely forested area criss-crossed by rivers flowing from the plateau of the Massif Central out to the Atlantic. Carved out through the center of a beautiful winding valley, the gentle greenery of the region has exceptional scenic beauty. Many Stone Age relics and caves have been found here dating from around 20,000 years ago.

Walking along the lush green valley and visiting the Majestic Chateau of Beynac, Chateau de Montfort, or the medieval town of Domme perched high on the River Dordogne would give you an experience you would never forget. Away from the hustle bustle of the city, these walking tours are just ecstatic.

You also get to see the charming villages of Marquay, Beynac, Vitrac and, finally, the Renaissance town of Sarlat in your daily walking tours taken along the Dordogne valley.

Enjoy your France Vacation with the package.

A walking France vacation in the Forest of Compiegne

Enjoy the fresh air while you walk through the vast forest of Compiegne with majestic beeches and oaks. A favorite haunt for kings from pre-historic times, the forest houses the magnificent Palace of Louis XV on a broad straight road and the residence of Napoleon which is a remarkable edifice overlooking the lake.

There are chateaux and abbeys which you can explore hiking along the valley. Then there are museums on the way! The most notable being the Railway Carriage, on the spot where the Armistice was signed at the end of World War I.

Enjoy your France Vacation with the package.

Rocamadour region

If you walk eastwards on Dordogne Valley along the sleepy river and turn south, you can walk up to the famous shrine of Rocamadour. But by the time you reach the shrine, it is already dark. You spend your night in your hotel that is situated right in the heart of the medieval town. In the morning, you visit the spectacular shrine situated in the rocky valley.

Situated on the route of Santiago da Compostella, the shrine has been an important place of pilgrimage since 9th century and is an important destination on your France vacations.

The return north is a walk down the limestone plateau with prehistoric megaliths and dolmen, visiting the enchanting caves of Padirac on the way. From here you descend via the waterfall and elegant manorial houses of Autoire, to the pretty market town of St. Cere.

Your France vacations would not be complete without visiting the local restaurants renowned for specialties such as truffle "foie gras," the delicately flavored liver of carefully fattened geese. Other delicacies are patés of wild boar, "confits" of duck and goose, wonderful fresh salads and cheeses, as well as fruit tarts and desserts featuring chestnuts and walnuts.

Enjoy your France Vacation with the package.

France vacation packages offer you much in terms of sightseeing, food and wine. Where else will you get to taste the fine red wines and sweet and dry whites, including the notable dessert wine of Monbazillac?

Whenever you think about travelling, memories of your France vacations will always come freshly to mind.

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