Walk your way through your European vacation

Walk your way through your European vacation

Virgin Vacations has integrated exciting walking tours during your Europe travelAre you one of those people who gets excited at the prospect of putting on your walking shoes and going wherever the road takes you? You’re not particularly interested in shopping and don’t like to waste time in social interactions. You would rather travel alone on a European vacation with lots of guidebooks and maps to accompany you! We quite agree with you. Traveling alone has its own special advantages, no doubt!

Virgin Vacations understands, but instead of loading up on guidebooks we suggest you go with one of our well planned itineraries to get you started on your European vacation! All our travel packages have been designed to help travelers get more out of their time. Right from the online reservations facility to luggage transfers and so on, our vacation packages help you to accomplish much more than what you would accomplish on one of your own, sightseeing on Europe tours. All this without costing you your independence!

Travel Europe with exciting walking tours

In the same way, Virgin Vacations has integrated exciting walking tours in Europe into our various travel and vacation packages.

Take a walk in the enchanting land of cuckoo clocks, heavily-forested mountains and rich green valleys of Germany’s Black Forest. Or stroll through the stunning Dordogne area of France, a land scattered with dramatically-situated castles and fortresses, as well as cliff-hugging villages that watch over the rivers which meander below. These walking tours are unique travel packages, planned to offer special visual treats to tourists traveling in Europe.

For instance, the Camino de Santiago walking tour through Spain takes you on a trail that follows the ancient pilgrim's way through storybook landscapes and tiny villages raised through stone.

Here is glimpse into what a day-walk through the ‘Trans Swiss Trail in Switzerland’ is like…

Trans Swiss Trail in Ticino in Switzerland

Upon your arrival at a Swiss airport you are transferred by train to cozy accommodations for an overnight stay.

The next morning you’ll awaken to the picturesque beauty of Switzerland! The walk along the well-marked “Trans Swiss Trail” will take you high uphill, and then continues on the same level along the south side of the mountain. This well-known hiking trail on the sunny side of Leventina Valley is called the “Strada Alta”— its highest point is 1410 meters above sea level. It is not only the sunniest, but also the most interesting botanical region in Switzerland, where you can see both lush Mediterranean and Alpine vegetation flourishing side by side.

And when, after the walk, you want to relax, the friendly grotti (typical restaurants) invite you to sample tasty dishes and a fine glass of Merlot, and provide a perfect place to do so.

Additional Features of the Travel Package

The daily walking time is short enough to allow you to stay a while at the most beautiful places, to sightsee, to taste all the regional specialties. We will transport your luggage from hotel to hotel. You can therefore enjoy your tour free of worries, carrying only a small daypack. And when the day ends, a post bus takes you to a new destination for your overnight stay.

There are many exciting days ahead for you once you book any one of our travel packages for your travel in Europe.

Walking tours are the integral part of our vacation packages all over Europe, walking Spain, walking Italy, walking Germany and walking England as you travel alone or as part of a group travel tour. You can choose any vacation package which suits you for travel in Europe with Virgin Vacations.

Travel in Europe on cycles

Take for example the Biking Europe Tours. Virgin Vacations provides you with comprehensive information complete with routes, maps, local contacts, and the best bicycle. After that, you’re on your own! Seek adventure, drown yourself in nostalgia or discover the history of the city! There is no limit or restriction on you. At the end of the day, a comfortable hotel is booked for you with your luggage transferred therein. What more would you expect anyway? Quite relaxing, isn’t it? No hassles involved, no standing in a queue for booking tickets or so on.

You can also consult a Virgin Vacations Travel Specialist directly or speak with a member of our knowledgeable & friendly staff for an additional $20 fee.

Or make online reservations and save; it's easy!

For booking your ideal travel package, contact us NOW!

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