Europe tours with barging cruises

Europe tours with barging cruises

Take the Lorraine Cruise during your Europe tourA Europe tour without enjoying the experience of traveling on water is rather incomplete, isn’t it? Particularly when you talk about a France vacation, the images that come to mind are of lush wine orchards, quaint, cozy chateaus, rolling green moors, quietly flowing blue rivers and rivulets, and breathtaking arts. What can be better than cruising peacefully past the French countryside to enjoy all these delights while barging on your Europe tour!

Similarly, the Scottish Highlands also provide ideal barging opportunities for making your Europe travel experience new again. We also have some great barging tours for Italy, especially the canal-networked Venice. When you travel in Europe, don’t miss out on the marvelous barging offers we have for you that give you a deep insight into the cultural heritage of these beautiful places. Book your Europe tour now with Virgin Vacations!

And speaking of France, Scottish Highlands and Italy, these places are great for group travel ventures also. Check out our tempting group trave offers for these places and more!

France vacations on the barge

Our barging in Europe tours are designed for the tourists’ maximum enjoyment. What is a France vacation without discovering the great arts of the country? Say for instance the Anacoluthe - Impressionist River Cruise that floats you through the worlds of the great French artists such as Monet and Van Gogh; or cruise down France’s most romantic river, the Seine, and the historic and artistic treasures along its path. How about taking the ‘L`Impressioniste - Provence/Camargue Cruise’ in the south of France to discover anew the color and light that inspired the great Impressionist painters?

Another renowned specialty of France lies in its delectable wines. While you may get to taste the choicest French wines during your Europe tour, nothing can compete with the live experience of gliding through the lush, green vineyards that have been producing the world famous wines for thousands of years.

We have cruises that take you through the wine lands of France, such as Midi, which for more than two millennia has been the biggest wine-producing area of France. Or choose from the various ‘Burgundy Cruises’ that take you through the region celebrated for great wines and gourmet culture representing the typical French way of life. Travel in Europe in style on our luxurious barges!

For enjoying the beautiful Loire Valley, which has been a traditional tourism delight with its history dating back thousands of years, glide down in our magnificent, luxurious hotel barge. Or take the Alsace/Lorraine Cruise to discover the Vosges Mountains, one of France's most picturesque regions.

Cruise through the Scottish Highlands

France is not the only destination when it comes to touring Europe on a barge. You can discover the Scottish Highlands in a trip on the Caledonian Canal, which takes you on a cruise adventure through magical lochs and the mysterious moors.

The Shannon River cruise helps you get acquainted with the extraordinary Irish people and their rich history and traditions during your exploration, while the Royal River Thames Cruise takes you on a journey across the lovely English countryside, past meadows, millstreams and gardens.

Or explore Venice and its neighboring islands with our Venetian Lagoon Cruise.

Virgin Vacations has great vacation ideas for your dream Europe travel experience by both air and land. A host of travel packages are available along with well-planned holiday escorted tours for various destinations in Europe! And if you thought that vacationing is only for the moneyed people, think again! Virgin Vacations makes sure that you get the best and hottest deals – a whole host of cheap vacations and escorted tours that bring you an album full of memories to cherish forever!

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