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London Travel

London travel represents a terrific experience for any would-be vacationer. London travel is some of the most popular vacation travel and business travel in the world. The allure of London stems from its history, its royal elegance, its vibrant night life and its amazing culture. London travel is now some of the most attainable travel in the world.

Your London travel experience begins with air transportation second to none on Virgin Atlantic Airways. You will enjoy the friendly hospitality, the comfortable seating and the uppermost safety for your trip to incredible London. Next, you will check-in to a terrific London hotel.

London hotels range in style and the professionals at Virgin Vacations take great pride in matching you with the right style hotel for you and your particular tastes. Whether you wish a Victorian feel or a modern feel we will make sure your accommodations are ideal for your tastes and your budget.

London's diverse and incredible city offers different areas each with a different feel and atmosphere. The professional travel staff of Virgin Vacations can make sure that your hotel accommodations are in the right part of the city for you and your family.

Once in London you will immediately see why London travel is so popular. You will enjoy the amazing sites ranging from the Crown Jewels, Westminster Abbey, the Royal Palace, Parliament and Big Ben to name but a few. You will enjoy a boat ride on the Thames and visits to some of the oldest and newest museums in the world. Enjoy a birds-eye view of London with a trip on the London Eye.

Our amazing London travel packages include tickets for some of the most highly sought after attractions in all of London. We help you bypass all the lines so you can enjoy experiencing London rather than experiencing long lines and waits.

For anyone who appreciates history and culture, London travel is a perfect vacation. Londoners are proud of their heritage and proud of the royal family. You will quickly see that pride in everything done in London.

The cuisine of London is also outstanding whether you are looking to experience authentic fish 'n chips or bangers and mash. London also boasts some of the finest Italian and Indian restaurants in the world. A true city for those who love good food, you will find the right cuisine for you.

Shopping is second to none in London. Some of the finest shops around the world line the streets in London. You will be impressed with all that London has to offer for those who truly enjoy the shopping experience. Whether you wish to walk into a shrine to Burberry or the world famous Harrod's or Harvey Nicks you will truly be impressed with shopping when you partake in London travel.

There are plenty of historic and wonderful sites to behold. The breathtaking crown jewels will amaze you, as will a tour of Westminster Abbey, the Parliament and the monument to the memory of Princess Diana. You will be experiencing some of the most impressive sites anywhere in the world.

London travel is ideal for people of all ages, all backgrounds and all interest levels. London has some of the most incredible night life, shopping, historic sites, art, museums and entertainment in the world. The theater in London is on par with that of Broadway and many people believe it even surpasses the quality of theater on Broadway. There are few destinations in the world with the diversity of London.

We are proud that we can offer exciting and affordable London travel to our clients. We are confident that you will find your London travel experience truly remarkable and look forward to your next Virgin Vacation package.

Picture yourself on a double-decker tour bus whisking around one of the most famous cities on earth. See yourself looking at the priceless collection of the Crown Jewels. Imagine yourself touring ancient castles and dungeons. Think how you will feel strolling the streets of London's cultural and night life centers. Now imagine that all of this is all within your grasp and you will appreciate the great value of Virgin Vacation London travel packages.