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Italy vacations - even reading the words will bring a smile to millions of faces. Italy vacations are some of the most popular vacations around the globe. Beautiful scenery, warm people, amazing sites, incredible food and wine are all part of what makes Italy vacations a magical experience.

Italy is an amazing country with history, culture, terrific food and wine, warm people and glorious scenery. Whether you take Italy vacations to the southern region, the central region or in northern Italy, you will be amazed at all that Italy has to offer. You will quickly see why Italy vacations are perfect for honeymoon vacations, family vacations, loving couples or fun loving singles.

Italy vacations are offered by many companies, however, Virgin Vacations is honored to offer some of the most highly sought after Italy vacation packages in the industry. We understand that Italy vacations may seem out of reach for some travelers, however, we take great pride in offering amazing Italy vacation packages at very affordable rates without skimping on anything.

Italy vacations start with picking what amazing cities you wish to visit. Whether your vacation will be spent entirely in one city or be spread over two or more cities, Italy vacations are whatever you wish them to be. Enjoy the history of Rome, the shopping of Florence, the scenic beauty of Naples, the charm of Venice, stop and see a tower in Pisa, and a chapel in the Vatican City.

Italy vacations are ideal for people who enjoy history, art, fine music, delicious foods, incredible wines, warm and friendly people, culture, natural scenery and so much more. Italy vacations can be as romantic and relaxing as you wish or as fun and exciting as you wish. Sunny beaches, quaint streets, exciting night life, historic artwork, Roman ruins, modern marvels and so much more await you around each and every corner.

Picture yourself enjoying some delicious Italian bread, fresh mozzarella, roasted peppers and vine-ripened tomato with delicious olive oil and a terrific bottle of Chianti as you watch Italians go about their day or tourists soaking in the sites. Picture yourself strolling along quaint streets, smelling delicious aromas and basking in the sun.

See the pride Italians have in their farms, their livestock, their vineyards and so much more. Learn how this amazing culture has so much passion for what they do, love of family and love of the land. Spending time in Italy is experiencing Italy and its amazing culture.

Italy vacations are wonderful whether you are staying for three days or thirty days - there is so much to do and so much to enjoy. The professional agents at Virgin Vacations are always available to help you create the perfect vacation for you or for you and your family.

Italy vacation packages are perfect for those travelers who would like to have a good idea as to what to budget for the trip. Italy vacation packages include air transportation, accommodations, hotels, and some meals. This helps keep a terrific vacation within your budget. Italy vacations are some of the most exciting and the most affordable vacation packages in the industry.

Italy, perhaps more than many other countries, opens its arms to travelers and envelops you in hospitality. The warm and friendly people throughout Italy are proud of their country, proud of their heritage and culture and are willing to help you enjoy the experience. Italy vacations are experiences more than vacations - you get to experience a terrific country, a warm culture and the most popular cuisine in the world. Italian food alone is worth a trip to Italy.

Italy vacations are perfect for young couples wishing to celebrate their love - what better place then the country where love and romance are honored above all else. Italy vacations are perfect for couples celebrating their first anniversary or their fiftieth anniversary. Small and large families can enjoy the wonderful sites and culture of Italy with terrific Italy vacation packages as well. Friends and students will also adore their trip to incredible Italy.

Italy vacations are perfect for almost anyone since they are so diverse and can be crafted to your exact goals. Each region and each city has different things to offer which makes Italy vacations first on many people's vacation lists. There are many terrific vacation packages available through Virgin Vacations and the professionals at Virgin Vacations can even help you create the perfect vacation for you and your particular needs.

When considering your next vacation and viewing the choices, it is clear to most that at the top of their list should be terrific Italy vacations from Virgin Vacations. You will be amazed at their value and at what amazing things await you on terrific Italy vacations.