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France Vacations

France vacations are perfect for people of all ages and interests. France vacations offer many exciting opportunities to learn, explore, relax, enjoy and, of course, to celebrate romance in the city of romance – Paris.

For many, France vacations seem like a fairy tale – an impossible but exciting dream. Luckily, for many people, Virgin Vacations can make that dream a reality with affordable and exciting France vacations packages.

France vacations for some clients means taking their family to a country where people show passion for wine, cheese, chocolate, fashion, perfume and so much more. You can learn how certain wines can only be produced in certain regions of France such as Champagne, Merlot and Chardonnay. Touring the incredible vineyards and wineries in France is a terrific experience as well as an educational one.

France vacations can include incredible shopping, especially in Paris. A stroll along the Champs d’ Elysee can be an almost spiritual experience for someone who likes to shop. From exotic jewelry and leather goods, to the finest handbags, clothing and accessories, to street vendors and just about any other thing you can image – shopping along the streets of Paris is exciting.

France vacations include delicious cuisine. Picture yourself enjoying a delicious croissant and some fresh fruit as you sip your café au lait in an outdoor café and watch the people walk by. See yourself enjoying a nice conversation as you soak in the sites, sounds and smells of Paris and all of France.

France vacations from Virgin Vacations will awaken your taste buds with delicious breads and pastries, incredible entrees and side dishes, desserts and salads and lets not forget terrific wine and champagne. For anyone who appreciates good wine and good food, France vacations rate near the top of their list.

France vacations to the Riviera are perfect for those that like to relax and enjoy seaside resorts. The French Riviera is legendary and after just a few hours enjoying the beach you will see why. Perhaps a trip to Monte Carlo is part of your French vacation experience, or visiting Nice, Cannes or some of the other most famous cities along the southern coast of France.

For those that like to ski, France vacations can include a trip to the Alps to enjoy some of the most famous skiing in the world. Staying at a chalet and enjoying a truly unique experience, skiers on France vacations get to absorb the wonderful surroundings as they partake in outstanding skiing.

People who enjoy culture, architecture and art will love France vacations as they tour Versailles, The Louvre, Notre Dame de Paris and many of the other famous French sites. You can learn how the French were appalled by the Eiffel Tower when it was first built – considering it ghastly and inappropriate for their quaint city – and now it is embraced as the symbol of a great city.

France vacations are whatever you wish them to be – whether you seek a vacation that is fun and exciting or one that is relaxing France vacations are perfect choices.

Enjoy Paris at night and see why it is considered the city of lights. A trip down the majestic Seine River in the evening will help you see why so many people celebrate love and romance in this incredible city. Romance and love are celebrated in Paris – often considered the epicenter of romance.

No matter what France vacations appeal to you, they can become a reality through Virgin Vacations all inclusive France vacations packages. Air transportation, accommodations, tours and meals can be included in your package to make it truly perfect for the travelers on a budget.

The relationships that Virgin Vacations keeps with airlines, hotels, tour guides, popular venues, undiscovered treasures and local suppliers help us create incredible experiences for our clients. We can help a dream come true – your dream of France vacations.