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Colorful Amsterdam Tours

The Amsterdam tour aboard a canal-boat is one you shouldn’t missOur Amsterdam tours are the most colorful you’ve ever experienced! Where else would you find so many places of interest, famous museums, cozy pubs and fun shops and (flower) markets? As your Amsterdam tour progresses, you'll come to discover the various hues and nuances of this unique city!

There is so much to see in this beautiful country of the Netherlands that an escorted tour is easily the best idea for a dream vacation.

There are a number of ways you can explore this compact and charming city. You can take the fascinating bike tour, an escorted motor coach tour, or an escorted walking tour along with an experienced guide.

And the Amsterdam tour aboard a canal-boat is one you shouldn’t miss! The cruise through the canal follows a circular route girdling around the oldest parts of the city, stopping at the many attractions along the way.

Each day of your Amsterdam tour has something new to offer.

Amsterdam escorted tour

Enjoy the charms of the coolest city of Europe sitting in your own comfortable, private car. This Amsterdam tour offers you panoramic view through tulip fields, modern European houses, and architectural marvels in the city of windmills. The city is a curious mix of old and new. You can also visit Aalsmeer to enjoy the world's largest flower auction. We're sure you'll enjoy your Amsterdam tour twice as much when you have a local escort throughout, highlighting all the interesting things about the city.

You can even combine an Amsterdam tour with other great European cities such as Brussels and Paris, where you get to spend two nights each in the cities of Monet, Rubens, and Van Gogh, wandering history-rich neighborhoods and discovering some of the world's finest museums.

Amsterdam tour on bike

Explore Amsterdam on bike. The safe bike paths and the flat terrain turn your Amsterdam tour into a leisurely biking excursion, sure to be an enjoyable and memorable experience! Bike along the Vecht River or take a detour for the lake. Even the city has well-marked bicycle paths; you can enjoy the panoramic view of the city biking though it.

Biking takes you through many interesting and exciting areas of the city, where you can see the local pubs along the corners—the biking tour gives you a glimpse into the interesting cultural diversity of Amsterdam.

The land of windmills is also known for its distinguished museums, so be sure to visit one or two museums on the way. Don’t forget to visit the famous Van Gogh Museum; along with the works of the great artist, it also houses the works of his friends and contemporaries. You can also witness the progress of a new wing by Japanese architect Kisho Kurokawa.

Walking Amsterdam tour

Amsterdam’s Dam Square is a good starting point for your walking tour around the city. You can see the royal Palace and walk along many shopping streets.

Then you can visit the Anne Frank House. The museum is dedicated to the memory of Anne Frank. The original diary in which Anne Frank wrote her teenage experiences of two and half years during World War II is the main attraction of the museum.

River Cruise

The river cruise along the city's circular canals is as colorful as the land tours. The cruise takes you through many interesting stops, which will probably serve as great photo-ops as well during your Amsterdam tour.

Book your tickets for the Amsterdam tour; there are many options: you can choose from the tours offered by us, book your tickets over the phone, or opt for online reservation for your hotel room, private cars, air travel, railway tickets—even the river cruise. No hassles, it’s very simple! Reserve and enjoy your Amsterdam tour.

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