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Travel in Europe - take biking tours in various European cities

Travel in Europe with biking tours

Bike down the Rhone Trail  during your Europe tourWhen you’re planning travel in Europe, it’s truly difficult choosing your destinations simply because the continent is full of remarkable tourist destinations. That is why Virgin Vacations has drawn up customized European vacation packages and tours to make your Europe travel venture the most memorable vacation you ever had!

Tourists are always on the lookout for a unique and different vacation, one that's well-organized, easy, and hassle-free. The vacation packages that Virgin Vacations offers for travel in Europe often exceed the expectations of the travelers.

The unique vacation packages that Virgin Vacations has planned for travel in Europe are comprised of customized escorted tours group travel or biking tours or even walking tours.

Keeping up with the latest tourism trend in Europe travel, where bicycle tourism is becoming a big draw, Virgin Vacations has biking tours that are sure to make your vacation fun and memorable.

Biking tours: the big draw in European vacations

Well-planned but self-guided at the same time, these biking tours provide you great opportunities to escape the busy city life. They are serene and peaceful excursions, away from the humdrum of the urban world. Biking tours provide a perfect escape for historic tourism and eco-tourism.

These biking tours are most enjoyed by tourists aged 35 to 45—those who are seeking some adventure on their holidays.

Group travel on cycle

Group travel ventures with visit to museums, farm or cheese factories, visits to workshops, farmhouse-style meals or having picnics along the way are the special features offered by Virgin Vacations that make bicycle or biking touring a unique experience for the tourists.

Biking through Germany's Black Forest is a highlight of Europe travelBased on recent trends, Virgin Vacations has promoted its cycling tourism in a big way. In some of the cities the biking tours represent a good share of all their itinerant tourism.

Virgin Vacations has a long list of itineraries, and has well-planned biking tours are available all over Europe like biking England, Biking Switzerland - the self-guided Rhone Trail or the Aare Trail, Biking Bruges and Coast Tour , Biking Germany – the Black Forest, or Discovering Treasures of Tuscany through a biking tour in Italy to name just a few from the long list of biking tours.

Additional features of biking tours

All our biking tours are well-planned with private facilities and the best accommodations: pick up, daily breakfast, luggage transfers between hotels. You are provided with bicycle/s along with the necessary equipment. The biking tours available with vacation packages include a comprehensive information packet with a list of local contacts, maps, route notes, trailheads for mountain biking and retail stores serving cyclists, etc.

European vacations on two wheels

Take for example the Biking Central Europe: Vienna to Budapest tour. This unique bicycling tour links two exceptional cities on the Danube River: Vienna and Budapest. Your route passes through wide-open plains, past palaces, castles, cathedrals and small Austrian and Hungarian villages.

You can enjoy the visit to various museums, Napoleon House, et cetera, en route.

This exciting biking Europe tour lets you enjoy the some of the most beautiful scenery of the Danube delta. Via ferry, you cross to the island of Szentendre, an idyllic artists' community near Budapest. You can bike to the numerous galleries and workshops along the island and enjoy the view of the two cities along the Danube River banks.

The other biking tours planned all over Europe are as exciting, or more exciting, than that mentioned above.

Special vacation packages

Virgin Vacations also has special travel packages like the French Chateaux Getaway. The special highlight of this package is staying in a stunning chateau that helps you to get a taste of the best of France. You'll experience the history and culture of this rich and inviting country while you enjoy fine cuisine, world famous wine, stunning scenery and friendly service.

Choose your vacation package today, travel Europe, and get the best of it.

We look forward to helping you plan a cheap vacation that is both memorable and enjoyable!

Plan your vacation today—book for your holiday on phone or go for online registration.

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